07 March, 2022

How to help people in Ukraine now - II

A few days ago, the Deanery of our Faculty for Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHES) provided a list of websites and bank account information for helping people in Ukraine and neighbour countries now. See list here.

In addition, the European Migration Network Luxembourg has published information for arrivals to Luxembourg and residents of Luxembourg who want to help. These concern legal issues, protection status, medical assistance -- the pandemic, "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" (Das Coronavirus Update, DE) -- and how to host arrivals or assist in transportation.

"All Luxembourg residents who have offered or are offering to host Ukrainian nationals in their homes are invited to contact the Hotline managed by Caritas and the Red Cross with the support of the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region on +352 621 796 780 or by email at Ukraine@zesummeliewen.lu.

For consular questions for people trying to leave Ukraine or in transit from Ukraine, it is recommended to send an email to the address of the consular assistance of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs: assistance.consulaire@mae.etat.lu, or to call +352 2478 2386.

In view of the numerous private initiatives to organise transport to pick up Ukrainian nationals at Ukraine’s borders, the Ministry urges anyone planning such transport to send all information to the following address: transport.ukraine@mae.etat.lu.

The Ministry strongly recommends that information be obtained before organising such private transport as reception, accommodation and medical measures must be provided in order to receive these people, in many cases traumatised, in the best possible conditions."

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