Past Projects

Constance Carr's complete bibliography is available here

Markus Hesse's complete bibliography is available here 

Digital Urbanism and the Challenge of Urban Governance (DIG_URBGOV) paper series (2019-2021)


GLOBAL: Relational cities and enclave urbanism in the 'Singapores of the West'. How niche-sovereignty strategies and political economy help minor metropolises to globalise. The cases of Geneva (CH) and Luxembourg (L)” (2016-2019)

This project is funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg, and commenced in May 2016. GLOBAL complements previous research undertaken in the domains of sustainable development in general and regional governance in particular (see the research projects SUSTAINLUX and SUSTAIN_GOV), and it adds to our research trajectory on the link between city-regions and flows. These flows include not only material flows, but also the circulation of money or political ideas, and it specifically aims to link concepts of relational cities with a new understanding of how urban space is organised and governed.


Comments abut Fare Free Public Transit in Luxembourg (2019-2020)

Governance for Sustainable Spatial Development – a comparative study of Luxembourg and Switzerland (SUSTAINGOV) (2013-2015)

Sustainable Spatial Development in Luxembourg (SUSTAINLUX) (2010-2013)

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