13 April, 2023

INURA 2023 in Zurich upcoming in June. Registration Open

Between May 29 and June 4, 2023 the INURA Conference will take place in Zurich, Richterswil and Salecina, Switzerland. For a week, an international crowd of researchers, scholars, activists and urbanites will gather to imagine, discuss and reflect upon new forms of urban living and models of everyday civic activism for sustainable urban life. What are those new possible spatialities that can provide the necessary openness to act toward social, economic and ecological responses to the current multiple planetary crises?

Since 2010, when the 20th INURA Conference was organized in Zurich with the topic “New Metropolitan Mainstream”, the planetary crises have deepened. There are many reactions to these crises that crosscut old habits for urban living and ineffective spatial practices such as commodification, gentrification, exclusion, evictions, extended urbanization, and many more. In some cases their associated challenges are overcome, however, through collective civic practices that are capable of reversing the course of destruction.

Guests from India, China, Australia, African, Latin and North American countries, and from various European countries will be joined by local activists and scholars, to explore critical topics related to housing and the social question, to developments beyond the inner city, and to current crises and urban actions. From the city of Zurich, past the cantonal borders, and all the way to the Alpine region of Maloja, the conference participants will immerse themselves in present Swiss realities. These intense exchanges and synergies created during the conference will expand in future visions, projects, conferences and publications, a practice of the INURA network proved throughout its last three decades of existence (see inura.org).

Find the program here: https://inura23.wordpress.com/city/

Press Release here: https://inura23.wordpress.com/press-release/