29 March, 2016

Birmingham Fellows

A new tranche of Birmingham Fellows is being set up at the University of Birmingham  – these are five year research positions for early career staff with a guaranteed lectureship at the end of it. This years the theme is ‘Critical Urbanism’.   The Fellowships are funded at University level and the competition is fairly intense, including people who are already carrying fellowship grant money.

Interested applicants for the position can look up details here:

22 March, 2016

John Urry (1946-2016)

With regret, we pass on the announcement that British sociologist, Prof. John Urry, passed away last Friday. Colleagues at Lancaster University have informed us that a memorial webpage is in the process of being established, and will be going live shortly http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/john-urry/. You are invited to share your memories of this inspirational and brilliant man.

Update:  Please enjoy, "Moving with John Urry," by Mimi Sheller

16 March, 2016

Doreen Massey (1944-2016)

It is not only the Open University, Milton Keynes, or the British geographers’ community that mourns the passing of Doreen Massey Friday last week. Her passing is a great loss for the discipline everywhere, as well as for those who are interested and engaged in questions of space, place and territory. Her contribution to and impact on contemporary geographical thought cannot be underestimated, as generations of students, academics and professionals have learned – and will continue to learn -- from her distinguished writings on that subject. We have benefited and gained intellectual insight from many of her writings, such as Space, Place, and Gender (1994), World City (2007) or her brilliantly composed, For Space (2005), a book that was recently featured at our institute’s post-graduate reading seminar. These, among many many more, have taught geographers and social scientists to rethink space and consider differentiated understandings of space in the context of wider spatial scales, flows of various kinds, gender and otherness, and social inequalities. She will be missed.

Those who are interested in learning more about her personality and critical mind may also enjoy reading the blog entry below.