14 October, 2022

Publication for general public: Reflecting on research and activism in times of uncertainty and crisis: The 30th Anniversary conference of INURA in Luxembourg

photo by Karinne Madron-Neumann, 2022

From June 25 to 28,  the 30th INURA Conference was held in Luxembourg. More than 60 participants gathered to learn about Luxembourg and to celebrate 30 years and the 30th conference. In a new report published in human rights magazine, Brennpunkt Dr√ętt Welt,  members of the organising committee reflect on the conference, and the state of urban research and activism in times of uncertainty and crisis. Key  moments and conversations are recalled. 

The report is available here.

Full citation: Madron-Neumann, K., Kryvets, O., Nicotra, E., Reiter, C., Syrus, A.M., Carr, C. (2022). Reflecting on research and activism in times of uncertainty and crisis: The 30th Anniversary conference of INURA in Luxembourg. Brennpunkt, 318, 37-38