18 February, 2014

A Second Lecture Series

We would also like to turn your attention to the set of multidisciplinary lectures held Thursdays 14:15-15:45, Campus Walferdange, Raum Piaget.  The first lecture is tomorrow.

La Grande Région SaarLorLux: Une réalité de vie quotidienne ou une construction politique? 

Organised by Dr. Christian Wille, University of Luxembourg
A complete program can be found here
It is open to everybody interested.

13 February, 2014

Forthcoming in Local Environment: International Journal of Justice and Sustainability

Rescaling Sustainability, a Special Issue of Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability is complete.  We have a great line-up of papers that we really think you should read. 

An author pre-print of the editorial is freely available immediately:

Carr & Affolderbach (author-preprint, editorial) "Rescaling sustainability? Local opportunities and scalar contradictions

Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability

If you have access to Taylor and Francis, you can access the individual articles below:
Note to authors, if you have a link to a freely available draft version, I am happy to post it. 

K. ONeill & D. Gibbs
Towards a sustainable economy? Socio-technical transitions in the green building sector

P.V. Hall & P. Stern

Implicating waterfronts in regional sustainability

E. Dansero & M. Puttilli  
Multiple territorialities of alternative food networks: six cases from Piedmont, Italy

K. McIllhenney & R. Hayter 
Sustaining jobs and environment? The value-added wood industry in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

T. Freytag, S. Gössling, S. Mössner 
Living the green city: Freiburg's Solarsiedlung between narratives and practices of sustainable urban development

A. Otto & M. Leibenath 
The interrelation between collective identities and place concepts in local wind energy conflicts

N. Alaily-Mattar, A. Thierstein, A. Förster
Alternative futures”: a methodology for integrated sustainability considerations, the case of Nuremberg West, Germany

J. Wilker & K. Rusche
Economic valuation as a tool to support decision-making in strategic green infrastructure planning

10 February, 2014

Two Switzerlands

The divide between the "two Switzerlands" slices the City of Zurich from the Glatt Valley.

06 February, 2014

Forthcoming article in Regional Studies

Julia Affolderbach and Constance Carr's paper entitled, "Blending Scales of Governance: Land Use Policies and Practices in the Small State of Luxembourg" is forthcoming in Regional Studies.  An author pre-print is available, here, in our orbilu database.