30 August, 2016

Uni Lu Geographers at the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) RGS-IBG

Just arrived in London and looking forward to a week of sessions a the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers! Find uni.lu geographers at the following sessions. (Dates and times are left out because last minute scheduling changes are possible. One should refer to the RGS-IBG website directly):

Markus Hesse and Gerald Taylor-Aiken, "Teaching Geographical Writing: from techniques and mechanisms to habits and routines, practice and strategy" HERG

Tom Becker (PhD student), Dr. Constance Carr, Prof. Markus Hesse, and Prof. Rob Krueger in the session entitled, "Be Constructive! Situating sustainability research at the nexus of positivism and reflective positionality"

Jan-Tobias Doerr (PhD student) in the session entitled, "Transitions to a low-carbon future: The human factor in the energy system"

Evan McDonough (PhD student) in the two-part session entitled, "Current and emerging research in transport: Active travel, governance and simulations"

Benedikt Schmid (PhD student) in the two-part session entitled, "On demand: Cultural economies of access and ownership"

Prof. Christian Schulz in the session entitled, "Smart specialisation and regional policy in the EU: Fresh thinking or old wine in new bottles?" together with former colleagues of the UL, Dr. Julia Affolderbach of Hull University and Dr. Fabian Faller of Kiel University.

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