15 June, 2023

INURA 2023 - Kryvets and Carr talk about reconstrution in Kyiv - Part II

INURA conferences always have two parts: The City part, where local INURA organizers present the city through various tours, and the Retreat part where INURA participants gather to discuss their work and think about common projects and urgent urban issues. 

During the City part, Carr was invited to join a panel at the Zentralwascherei to comment on Zurich development from the perspective of Luxembourg, and drawing on past research in the Glatt Valley. Kryvets was also invited to speak about Kyiv reconstruction at a public panel discussion on “Crises and urban action”. Her statement can be found here. Both panels were chaired by Prof. Dr. Christian Schmid (D-ARCH, ETH Zurich).   

At the Retreat, Carr joined a panel with Anastasiia Ponomaryova (NGO Urban Curators, Ukraine); Mariia Prystupa (Kharkiv National University, Ukraine / University of Helsinki, Finland); and Dr. Gruia Badescu, (University of Konstanz, Germany) and reported on challenges articulated by their interviewees. Of course, the Ukrainian government has set broad reaching priorities; These include removing land mines, providing housing, becoming energy independent and working towards European integration. The challenges articulated in Kryvet & Carr's work is not intended to undermine these, but to underscore that at the urban level, recurring themes arose. These include fighting corruption, building systems of transparency and inclusion, addressing the question of who will come back to which cities, figuring out which businesses will new cities need, and determining where to make financial investment.

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