07 January, 2023

Project Announcement - Digital urban futures: The role of emerging tech-ecosystems in Kyiv reconstruction (KYIV-DIGIURB)

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Olga Kryvets received support form the FNR to continue her work with the DIGI-GOV team, with a project entitled "Digital Urban Futures: The Role of Emerging Tech-Ecosystems in Kyiv Reconstruction (KYIV-DIGIURB)."

This project is a continuation of Dr. Kryvets' initial work with DIGI-GOV, which focused on understanding the gendered dimensions of urban digitalization led by large digital corporations and the innovation ecosystems in which they are embedded (GEN-DIGIURB). Conceptually, an initial crucial point was to understand how tech-ecosystems impacted urban digitalization at different scales, what type of challenges these could represent, and how stakeholders tackle them. Orienting to the city of Kyiv as her empirical focus, her work necessarily generated an analysis of tech-ecosystems and urban reconstruction in the context of war.

With her project extension, Kryvets develops a new pillar of DIGI-GOV looking at tech-ecosystems in Kyiv and surrounding region. She will be examining the role of tech-ecosystems in Kyiv's reconstruction efforts, with a particular focus on the activities of large digital corporations like Amazon and Google. By analyzing the relationship between urban digitalization, governance, and new forms of urban reconstruction and resilience generated at different temporal and spatial scales, she aims to provide valuable insights for policy-makers in Ukraine and abroad interested in the variegated nuances of urban reconstruction for resilience. 

We look forward to the valuable contributions from Dr. Kryvets.

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