12 May, 2022

Welcome Elide Nicotra

Elide Nicotra joins the DIGI-GOV team in May as a Student Assistant during her first year of Master in Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Luxembourg.

Before starting her journey at the UL, Elide concluded her undergraduate studies in France in geography and management. She interned at the municipality of Reims (FR) in the department of sanitation and managament of resources, more specifically water.

Elide takes this latter issue to heart and being fascinated by urban processes, she hopes to work in a sustainable development-oriented sector in the future. She joins the DIGI-GOV team feeling inspired by the contemporary approach, hoping to learn more about Large Digital Corporations (LDC’s) and their impact on a local and regional planning.

Elide grew up living in suburbs of large cities, such as Catania (IT), as well as small ones like Luxembourg. She mostly travels by camper, which is something she appreciates because it allows to cross different countries and observe how their territories are differently shaped.

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