29 November, 2014

Sector Plans cancelled

RTL and Luxemburger Wort (November 29, 2014, Politik und Gesellschaft, p. 2) reported today that the Sector Plans have been cancelled. The Gambia coalition stressed that they were not unhappy with the general guideline; rather, the central problem was in the Spatial Planning Law of July 30, 2013. In particular, Article 19 needed revision or deletion. Furthermore, the government appreciates the constructive feedback from the municipalities. Many of these were posted earlier this month on this blog (See Municipal Views on the Sector Plans).
Two interesting points come up here: First, this is the preliminary endpoint of something that was foreseeable since the plans were introduced to the public earlier this Summer, since it became rather clear for both substantial and procedural reasons that this sort of orthodox spatial planning would never be realised under real-world conditions. Second, it's certainly not the law, primarily, that made the plans crashing down, but the discrepancy between the desire to order the world on the one hand, and the flawed imagination of whether such order is desirable and possible at all (in development terms, politically) on the other hand.
Most ironically though, the conservative party - which has ruled the country for decades and whose administration was solely responsible for the the plans' contents and procedures - now pretends to appreciate the halt to the plans announced by the Gambia coalition, and makes suggestions on what best should be done right now. This is nothing else but hypocrite.

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