01 January, 2014

New Year

Joining the chorus of other year-end reflections, and moreover, in preparation for the annual report that we will have to submit to the FNR, here is a small glimpse into our work plan. The good news: We are on schedule!

We look forward to carrying forward with conversational interviews with a broader spectrum of actors this coming spring in the Glatt Valley. For this purpose, I (Carr) will be spending more time in Zurich. So, don't hesitate to inform me if you have any hints of conferences, seminars, meetings, initiatives or actions that would be interesting to visit. 
We also have a lecture series lined up for the spring. Stay tuned for details.

Figure 1. SUSTAIN_GOV (2013-2015) Work Plan, based on the work plan of SUSTAINLUX (2010-2013).

SUSTAIN_GOV wishes everyone a happy new year.  And as for the endless number of, and often boring, year-end reflections that there are to read at this time of year, we appreciated this one from the WOXX.  


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