10 October, 2013

Cross-jurisdictional Governance under Growth Pressure: Contradictions, Possibilities and Limitations of Comparative Urban Study

A very big Thank you to the participants of our meeting last Monday (7. 10. 2013) at the ETH's  NSL – Netzwerk Stadt und Landschaft on Hönggerberg Campus. Thanks also to Christian Schmid of ETH, D'ARCH who played an active role in organizing the space for this small event.

It was a great pleasure to see everyone in one spot, an it was quickly very clear to us that this group represents a broad variety of expertise and valuable experience on the topic of governance, planning and practice in Luxembourg and Switzerland.  There is so much to learn and discover in these topics.  We look forward to meeting again.

This meeting was a kick-off to our 4 day visit to the area. In a later blog entry, we will report on our first impressions of the Glatt Valley.

The Agenda Was:
Markus Hesse, University of Luxembourg 
    Constance Carr, University of Luxembourg
    Sustainable Spatial Development in Agglomeration Luxembourg and in the Glatt Valley. 

    Dirk Lohaus, IBA Basel
    IBA Basel and the Future of a Trinational European Region 

    Rahel Nüssli, ETH D'ARCH
    Towards Post-politics In-between Cities: Urban Governance Arrangements in the Metropolitan Regions of Zurich 

    Reto Nebel, ETH Spatial Planning
    Siedlungspotenziale für eine Siedlungsentwicklung nach Innen 

    Marco Putz, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt für Wald, Schnee und Landschaft, WSL

    Lunch and More Discussion

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