15 January, 2020

New publication in the Journal of Transport Geography addressing fare-free public transport in Luxembourg

As of March, 2020, public transit will be fare-free in Luxembourg. As the date approaches, more and more people are asking us questions, calling us for comment, whether they be students, colleagues from abroad, or the media. Indeed, there is a lot to watch here. 

For now, we are pleased to be able to offer you this article published online this week in the Journal of Transport Geography where we argue that there are good reasons to reconsider whether fare-free public transit is a good idea:

Mobility policy through the lens of policy mobility: The post-political case of introducing free transit in Luxembourg

by Constance Carr & Markus Hesse

This viewpoint paper addresses the issue of fare-free public transport (FFPT) in the context of policy mobility, the strand of urban studies literature that examines how policy formulations developed in one place tend to ‘travel’ and inform and inspire plans elsewhere as good or best practices. We argue that the promotion of policies may not reflect a serious attempt to solve a sustainability or socio-economic issue. Rather, the institutions in charge have different targets in mind. FFPT in Luxembourg is thus more a reflection of a post-political process where politics are severed from the political. 

Free copies available at Elsevier here until March 04, 2020.
Or, you may request a copy here.

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