19 November, 2018

A manuscript on Adventures in Sustainable Urbanism goes into production

There is good news from Tim Freytag (University of Freiburg), Rob Krueger (Worcester Polytechnic Institute & Guest Professor at our institute), and Samuel Moessner (University of M√ľnster). Their manuscript, Adventures in Sustainable Urbanism, was checked by State University New York Press and turned over to the production and marketing units. According to SUNY, the project was assigned a release date of November 1, 2019. I am humbled to count myself among a long list of esteemed contributors who include Tim Baird, I-Chun Catherine Chang, Susanne Frank, David Giband, Michael Hall, Trina Hamilton, Freya Kristensen, Michal Kohout, Marit Rosol, Cristina Temenos, and Winifred Curran.

This promises to be a good read!

Constance Carr

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