31 May, 2018

GDPR - Info for subscribers to this blog

If you subscribed to this blog by adding your name to the Feedburner list in the right-hand column of this blog, then you will receive this announcement as a personal email as well.

We can affirm that the list is administered by feedburner.com, which is owned by Google. Information about feedburner and its user conditions is available here. As editors of this blog, we use the services offered by Feedburner to send an email (such as this) to subscribers on the list every time the blog is updated with a new post. Beyond Feedburner/Google, the only people who have access to this list are Markus Hesse and myself (Constance Carr). When we open up our Feedburner account, we see only a list of emails and the date when the subscriber activated his/her subscription to the blog.  Neither Markus nor myself share this data with anyone else, nor do we use it for any further purposes than to update you with new posts.

Please, know that if you ever want to stop receiving these blog updates, you can, at any time, send a personal email to meConstance Carr, or Markus Hesse, and we will personally remove you from the list.  

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