21 November, 2014

Municipal views on the Sector Plans

The Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, François Bausch, recently announced that, due to legal complications, they might change the Sector Plans (Article 19, in particular), and that they might withdraw them altogether.

Lesser reported in the media is the scope of opposition that the plans faced over the last six months. By googling "avis plans directeurs sectoriels"  it is easy to click through the different homepages of Luxembourgish municipalities, and find their positions on the issue. Not few have published lengthy reviews.  Click through the following list of municipalities to find out what they say. Big thank you to Tom Becker in helping find these. If you know of any further municipal publications, feel free to send them to me or link to them in the comments section below.

Bascharge, Bech, Betzdorf, Bettembourg, Biwer, ClervauxGoesdorf, Grevenmacher, Hesperange, Hobscheid, Kayl, Kehlen, Mondorf, Schifflange, Vichten, Waldbillig, Wormeldange

Differdange has audio material to tune into.

Krieger & Associés  - a legal firm specializing on local housing law - has also been active on the issue.  A visit to their homepage is also illuminating.

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