Constance Carr's complete bibliography is available here
Markus Hesse's complete bibliography is available here

Selected Articles

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Digital Urbanism and the Challenge of Urban Governance (DIG_URBGOV) paper series 
  • Carr/Hesse (in press). When Alphabet Inc. Plans Toronto's Waterfront: New Post-political Modes of Urban Governance. Urban Planning, 5(1). Open access coming soon.
  • Carr, C., 2019. Review of 'Inside Smart Cities: Place, Politics, Urban Innovation by Andrew Karvonen, Federico Cugurullo, Federico Caprotti. disP – The Planning Review
  • Carr, C. 2019. Smart Cities: Selbstzweck oder zum Wohl der Städte? Tageblatt, August 6, 2019.
  • Carr, C., Hesse, M. (2019) Smart Cities, ‚big politics‘ und die Privatisierung der urbanen Governance. Forum – Für Politik, Gesellschaft, und Kultur. Nr. 397, 43
  • Carr, C., Hesse, M. 2019. Digital Urbanism and the Challenge of Urban Governance (DIG_URBGOV) – Short Research Summary Available at:
  • Carr, C. 2019. Urban development, urban governance, and Big Tech: A home-made mix. Urbanization Unbound
  • Carr, C. 2019. Urban planning and the theatrics of aggressive scooter companies: This time the City sent the Bird flying.
  • Carr, C. 2018. “Wagering the Waterfront - Angling the abc & xyz of Quayside Toronto.” Urbanization Unbound, August 9, 2018.

Governance for Sustainable Spatial Development – a comparative study of Luxembourg and Switzerland (SUSTAINGOV) paper series

Sustainable Spatial Development in Luxembourg (SUSTAINLUX) paper series

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